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Yoga Classes / workshops

Regular Class and 

Workshop timetable

We believe Yoga, Mindfulness and  meditation are suitable for all and we have a range of classes and styles for students to choose from, according to where you are in life, age, health and fitness. 

Whether your practice is focused on fitness, weight loss, reducing stress, personal development or general well-being, we’re committed to providing you with the tools you need to lead  a healthier lifestyle

Please check with the class instructor for prices and that there is availability before arriving.

 Class times/days are subject to occasional change/cancellation.

Many classes have a drop-in policy but can fill up quickly. The instructor can advise.

Please also consult with the instructor in respect of any medical conditions or physical injury you may have. This can nearly always be accommodated to your individual needs but it helps the instructor to have advance warning so they can prepare for you.

Most classes also accommodate all levels although some classes are specifically aimed at beginners or intermediate.


Regular Class Timetable


9.45-11.30  Yoga with Laraine    01206 330279 

10.30-12.00 Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Heidi   07814 245194

11.45-12.45  Dance/Movement for well-being (60+) with Lucy  07841 117689

13.30-14.30  Hatha yoga with Maya-Lila  07732 049966

17.45-18.30  Yoga Nidra with Sarah  07956 664702

18.15-19.45  Hatha  Yoga with Ceri    07780 680679

18.45-19.45   Mindfulness Meditation with Jonathan 07920 130968 

20.00- 21.00    Yoga with Jonathan (Open class)   07920 130968


10.15-11.45    Yoga with Laraine (drop in)  01206 330279  Beginners yoga with Ceri     07780 680679

16.00-16.30 Children age 3-5 yrs Yoga with Caroline  07817 266784

16.35- 17.20 Children age 5-8 yrs Yoga with Caroline  07817 266784

18.00-19.15  MamaFlow with Heidi (Pregnancy Yoga)   07814 245194 

18.15- 19.45   Yoga with Steven   07788 852292

20.00-21.30  Vinyasa  Flow Yoga with Heidi   07814 245194


10.00 -11.30   Yoga with Elaine    07866 808739

12.55 -13.55  Balletone with Claire     07816 613154 

14.00-15.00  Vinyasa Yoga with Maya Lila  07732 049966

16.15 -17.30 Teen Yoga with Heidi  07814 245194 

17.15-18.45  Yoga with Srina 07835 730593

18.45 -19.45  Yoga with Dawn    07715 465121 

19.00- 20.00 Yoga with Arlene  07983 567283

20.00 -21.00  Yoga with Jonathan (Intermediate)   07920 130968


09.15-10.15 Classic Yoga with Ceri    07780 680679

10.00-11.30  Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Christina  07724 391704

10.30-12.00   Yoga with Elaine   07866 808739

12.15-13.15 Chair Yoga with Zoe 07967 348089

17.00-18.00 Yin Yang Yoga with Maya-Lila 07732 049966

17.15-18.30    Yoga with Jonathan (booking only) 07920 130968

18.15-19.45     Yoga with Sophie   07977 538280


18.45-19.45     Mindfulness Meditation with Jonathan 07920 130968

20.00- 21.00  Yoga with Jonathan (Open class)   07920 130968

20.00-21.30   Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Christina  07724 391704


10.30-12.00   Vinyasa  Flow Yoga with Heidi   07814 245194

13.30-14.30   Form and Flow suitable for beginners with Heidi  07814 245194

16.15-17.30  Teen Yoga with Heidi  07814 245194


8.30-9.30 Hatha Yoga with Arlene   07983 567283

9.45-10.45 Vinyasa Yoga with Helen  07759 829702


10.00-11.00 Vitali-Chi Energy for Life with Suzanne 07738 416716

10.00-11.30  Vinyasa Yoga Flow with Heidi  07814 245194


Weekday/evening classes range between £6.00 - £9.00 per session with discounted rates for multiple classes bought in advance. 

Please contact the teacher directly for further details.


Yoga  Workshops

Diwali Light Day Retreat with Live Music, Mantra and Drumming
by Antarma and Aloka

With Heidi Pascual
28th October 2017 at 2 - 9pm

An authentic celebration of Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights!

Our Festival of Lights will honour Diwali tradition, exploring the birth story of Lakshmi. In this myth, the forces of light and dark join together to churn the great ocean of the heart, the cosmic ocean of consciousness, to restore purity, light and grace to the world. Our sadhana will flow through a series of creative namaskars, arm balances, back bending asana and inversion.

After our practice, we will share a delicious vegetarian Indian feast and sweet dessert provided by The Nourish. 

Our Diwali night will be lit up with an authentic live performance of Indian mantra and mudra; drumming and dancing by Antarma and Aloka. This incredibly talented couple share ancient Sanskrit shlokas and original lyrics, accompanied by the guitar, harmonium and drums. Antarma and Aloka ‘bring hearts together with voice and drum’ and have performed at The Royal Albert Hall, Chelsea Theatre and The British Film Institute. They also perform at events and festivals across Europe.

Join us for this beautiful, authentic Diwali Light celebration.


Mythic story

Vinyasa Flow Yoga 


Gong bath 

Vegetarian Food

Live music with Antarma and Aloka
Find out more about Antarma here:

Limited spaces available

Please contact Heidi Pascual on 07814 245194 to book your place.

Sunset Sundays   at The Tree Room, 
with Heidi Pascual
19th November and 10th December 2017 
at 6 – 8pm

Sunset Sundays is an energising, creative Vinyasa Flow practice, balanced with a sweet blend of restorative yoga to harmonise the body, heart and soul.

£17 per yogi
Limited spaces available

Please contact Heidi Pascual on 07814 245194 to book your yoga space.