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Meditation and Alchemy

Crystal Sound Bath


March 25th                   4-5.30pm

April 22nd                     4-5.30pm

We will begin by doing a short meditation together followed by 60 minutes of an alchemy crystal sound bath. The alchemy bowls are unique and have to be experienced to be truly appreciated.

In a world that is increasing chaotic, our aim is to bring you into a deep relaxation allowing you to rest and recharge. The crystal frequencies will take you on a journey quite unlike any other sound healing experiences.

If you struggle with meditation or mindfulness then an alchemy crystal sound bath will help you to achieve the benefits of meditation without you consciously having to quiet your mind.

The bowls are so powerful that they instantly bring you into a meditative state! All you need to do is turn up and lie down, mats etc will be provided.

Book now to confirm your place! No on the door tickets will be available! ADVANCE BOOKINGS ONLY!

TICKETS £17.00.

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Destiny Learning Workshops 

Julia Kubler is a gifted and intuitive therapist, trained in London and has been in practice since 1991. An active Anthroposophist for over twenty five years, Julia has been following the teaching and practice of Rudolf Steiner and her courses, workshops and practice have a soul centred approach to self-development and healing. She is offering the following wonderful workshops  at The Tree Room and would be happy to chat with you about them any time! 

Bringing The Light into Darkness (Fri. eve. Sat. and Sun. April 6th/7th/8th 2018) 

Rudolf Steiner spoke of the stories of the Great Initiates such as Zarathustra/Buddha/Christ/Mani/Rosenkreutz throughout history who had a part in the transformation of darkness with the light.
In this workshop we shall recognise and work with aspects of darkness in our lives which need to be transformed with the light of insights and understanding and practical exercises into a balance of colour for inner development.

Destiny Learning 1(dates TBC)

This initial Destiny Learning workshop looks at how we can work at transforming our karma from the past.When we respond differently to the hindering recurrent events in our lives we become more alive and gain more energy to get on with the tasks in this life that we have come here to do.We practice new ways to overcome our habitual tendencies by bringing love into these resistances. We learn to transform blocked energy so that we can move forward more freely into our future.

Destiny Learning 11(Fri. eve. Sat and Sun.,  June 1st/2nd/3rd 2018)

What blocks us in our relationships?

This weekend workshop is only open to those people who have completed a course in the earlier Destiny Learning seminars 1 and 11.We will work with the following questions:Who are the people I am karmically connected to?We widen our exploration to include our karmic network of companions. We discover ways in which we hinder creative interaction with them and how we can change this for the better

How can I be freer in them?

Destiny 1V (Fri. eve. Sat. and Sun., September 28th/29th/30th 2018)

This weekend workshop is only open to those people who have already completed courses in the earlier Destiny Learning seminars I, II and III. As a result the course is not held frequently and comes by way of invitation only. It brings to a culmination the Destiny Learning process and we will work with the following questions:

What is a genuine initiative, when did I take such a step, what have I learned from it? How is it connected to the spiritual world and human evolution? How can I take inner and outer steps to really fulfil my life's objectives? 

We explore the taking of initiatives, which heal and order destiny. We become conscious of how our own life's pathway connects to the development of all human beings, also to spiritual beings, and earth evolution.

Julia looks forward to working with you on these courses and cane contacted at 

Tel: 01206 396224




Happy Health Workshops Jan 2018**

**Early bird special price is only until 22/11/17**

Are you stressed and overworked?

Are you wondering why you feel the way you do?

The great news is that from January 2018 Dawn will be running 6 workshops to help you live the life you've always wanted.

Over the course of these 6 workshops we will share and intimately explore the tools, insights and inner work required to optimize your relationships, amplify your authentic voice, integrate holistic wellness into your daily life and access your highest divine purpose to start your road to wholeness.

You can find out more here at: